Who Are We and What Have We Become

We are legion. A thousand miserable demons building jet packs out of garbage to try and fly back to heaven. We sometimes hope, mostly doubt, that Dad will let us in again. Or at least let us park in the yard until we’re back on our feet.

We aren’t theologians. We aren’t professionals. We are sinners and sufferers. We work day jobs. We are taking risks and playing around in the Bible. God forgive us. God save us. We are certainly wrong somewhere. We are uneducated and untrained, but we have tried to be with the Christ.

We are the problem child of the family system in which Christ is our father, and the Church is our abusive and negligent mother. We love her deeply, and hurl bottles against her closed doors at 3am in our weepy drunken rage/love.

We don’t want your money. We want to be free.

Come be our friends. Come be our enemies. Come have dinner with us. We live in Chico California.